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Face & Neck - Facials


3 Cryo Facials

2-2-2 Contour Combo


2 Rounds of Lemon Bottle 2 CryoSkin or 2 Vanquish ME Treatments 1 GLo pod 1 Sculptpod PRO Sample Schedule: Week 1: Lemon Bottle Week 2: Cryo & GLo pod (Book Together) Week 3: Lemon Bottle Week 4: Cryo & Sculpt Pod (Book Together)



Lemon bottle fat-dissolving solution or Skin Boost (cellulite) Solution

$199 per session (1 bottle) plus $99 every additional bottle per session per treatment area

Styku Scan


There are several benefits of having and investing in a biometric scanner. Some of the top pros of a 3D body scanner for your fitness center include:

  • clients can see real-time images of their body
  • clients can see their fat percentages go down even if the scale doesn't
  • more accurate than pinching your client's skin with a caliper
  • more convenient than underwater body fat measurements
  • less personal than physically putting the measuring tape around your clients' waist and chest
  • provides better visualizations for your clients than raw numbers

The advantages of offering a 3D body scanner for your clients will give you an edge over others using the traditional measurements. Your clients will appreciate that your business is staying on the cutting edge of technology to give them a better experience.


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