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Holistic Beauty Treatments

Holistic Beauty Treatments

Body Consult

At Contour Club Total Body Wellness Studio, we believe that informed decisions lead to the best outcomes. That's why we offer …
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Quickie Contour Consults (Zoom Call)

We understand that navigating our website and all the information it contains can sometimes be overwhelming. That's why we've introduced …
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3D Scan Styku & Body Composition Scan

The Styku 3D body scanner performs a body shape analysis, determines body composition (fat vs. lean body mass), and helps you meet your …
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Contour Club is such a wonderful place. Michelle is super passionate about science and beauty and it conveys in everything she does. I trust her...  Read more
Mar 27, 2024
Contour Club got my waist right for my wedding day! Michelle was truly amazing and a blessing and knows exactly what to do to help you on your...  Read more
Dec 9, 2023
The Davida's Diary


  • CPD Certified International Trainer
  • Member of World Halotherapy Association
  • Cryoskin, MD Pen, and Lemon Bottle Certified
  • Licensed for Over 10 Years
  • Member of ASCP