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Founder, Body Contour Specialist/LE

Michelle M.

Who is Michelle? Well, that's a good question. She is the founder, creator, and mastermind behind Contour Club. The club concept was born in 2018 and established in 2019, and it made it through 2020!

A "Super Southern" woman from the streets of New Orleans, her naturally warm and laid-back style is ever-present in her speech and educational style. Michelle's passion lies in helping her clients raise their energetic vibrations by assisting them with their body image and targeting and improving their outward appearance. 

She believes in positive self-image, inner peace, high vibration, and feeling sexy.

"I love people! That's my true passion. Working with people, helping them get from one step to another, watching the body morph and the mind change."

This is what we really do at Contour Club.


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